The best in Limo rides

We’ve all experienced that moment when something grabs our attention so readily that we we’re forced to stop what we’re doing. A beautiful limousine, with its tinted windows, amazing detailing and that funny little wing on the back is that kind of thing. We stop and gaze and wonder who and what must be inside.

The luxury and class a limousine service provides is second to none and when you want a truly memorable experience, your limo is the icing on the cake. You deserve the unforgettable experience of riding in style and being chauffeured in luxury. The chauffeur’s at Limos of Evanston are professional to a T, friendly, local and experienced – they’re the best in the business.

If you’re planning to marry a loved one, welcome home a loved one, or you’re just heading to one of our beloved sports grounds in Chicago, our fleet of limos can take you there. From Cadillacs and stretch Humvees, to executive stretch limo’s and more, you will have the unforgettable experience you’ve dreamed of.

Here’s the white Navigator that we took out for a company outing the other day. This vehicle was very nice!

Limos of Evanston White Navigator

Holistic Healing

I’m a big fan of Holistic healing, so lets just get that out there immediately. I’m a strong proponent of the thought that you can do just about anything with your mind, including healing your body by trying to mentally push a disease out. Call me crazy, but we’ve heard it so many times before.

You’ve most likely heard it too. It’s the story you hear about a woman who is given a death sentence by a doctor, saying that they have about 6 months to live, but they end up living for 15 more years, and in some cases, have been deemed cancer free. Have you heard a lot of these stories? I know that I have, especially since we have met so many people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

We’re big on getting rid of the cancer in our lives, as you can see in one of our earlier blog posts. Holistic healing is one of the best ways to get rid of actual cancer, according to so many people who believe in using something like meditation to concentrate so greatly on something.

You can learn more about meditation by going to a site like, which gives tips for real people who have maybe never tried meditating before. For most people, it’s difficult to take 10 deep breaths per day, so this is a perfect site to visit to get some simple tips.

Our advice when it comes to Holistic Health, or especially holistically trying to push cancer out of your body, is to practice daily. Meditation is a learned skill, not a given one, so if you are having trouble with it, seek out an expert to help you. Something as simple as going on Youtube, and searching for ‘Simple Meditation Practices’ will bring up quite a few search results. If you do this daily, just like anything else, you will learn how to turn your concentration to maybe the one thing that needs the most attention in your mind and body.

Our advice is to first start with those 10 deep breaths per day. Make sure that you have no distractions while you do this, because if you do, it won’t work at all.

Take it from an expert in meditation, it’s one of the best things that we’ve ever done, and it could be for you as well.


Cancer Center Review

We decided to take a two day trip to Evanston, Illinois to visit the North Shore Kellogg Cancer Center. This cancer treatment facility, on the shores of Lake Michigan, specializes in 25 different forms of cancer treatment, including bladder cancer.

After a pretty bumpy flight into Chicago, we called Limos of Evanston to have a nice ride in an Executive stretch limo over to the cancer center. The chauffeur was extremely nice, taking our bags for us, and getting us from O’Hare airport to Kellogg Cancer Center in just under 35 minutes. We’ve grown tired of yellow taxicab drivers being grumpy, and having lead foot syndrome, so we decided to hire a professional car service.

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Choosing a Cancer Center

There’s just so many options that you can look at when choosing a cancer center. Our focus has always been on Bladder Cancer, but we would like to highlight a few main points or factors to take into account when you are selecting the center where you will get treatment.

  1. Type of care. There’s 4 basic types of care for bladder cancer. Those are:
    1. Chemotherapy
    2. Radiation
    3. Intravesical Therapy (either through Immunotherapy or Chemotherapy)
    4. Surgery

Obviously, the type of procedures you select are completely up to you, as some are very invasive, and some not as much. Basically, you should read up on the different types of procedures and see which one will work best for you, so you know in advance specifically what you are looking for.

healthcare and medicine concept - womans hands holding pink breast cancer awareness ribbon


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Getting rid of the Cancer

Good afternoon everyone. Just a quick post about getting rid of the cancer in my life. This post is not necessarily a specific form of cancer growing inside of your body, but it’s the cancer that invades our everyday lives. That cancer is called Negativity. There’s many different forms of negativity that can creep into our lives on a daily basis, but the most frequent is the negative mindset that people display when things don’t go their way. This creeped in a bit this morning as I was thinking about what to try and accomplish with my day.

You know the feeling…You wake up, feeling a bit lost or like you don’t have a specific direction that you want the day to go. This morning, I tried my usual routine that normally takes me out of this funk. This includes saying my daily affirmations, making sure that I’m reminding myself to be thankful for what I have in my life. Unfortunately, this morning nothing could really do the trick, and therefore I’ve settled into this cancerous state of being negative. Not until I started writing this post was I able to get out of it a bit, and become a productive part of society. So, I guess in a way, this blog post helped me get my head on a bit straighter!

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