Cancer Center Review

We decided to take a two day trip to Evanston, Illinois to visit the North Shore Kellogg Cancer Center. This cancer treatment facility, on the shores of Lake Michigan, specializes in 25 different forms of cancer treatment, including bladder cancer.

After a pretty bumpy flight into Chicago, we called Limos of Evanston to have a nice ride in an Executive stretch limo over to the cancer center. The chauffeur was extremely nice, taking our bags for us, and getting us from O’Hare airport to Kellogg Cancer Center in just under 35 minutes. We’ve grown tired of yellow taxicab drivers being grumpy, and having lead foot syndrome, so we decided to hire a professional car service.

When we walked into this specific North Shore facility, we knew we had found a good treatment center. The staff at the front desk was welcoming, telling us exactly where to head to find the bladder cancer wing. After taking a long look through the entire facility, we had our normal meeting with the bladder cancer doctors, who were extremely informative, telling us about their patient-centered care, and explaining the Integrative Medicine Program.

After learning a bit more about what patients we referred could expect, we were taken on a personalized tour of the facility, where we were introduced to the nurses, more doctors, and the rest of the wonderful support staff.

We were curious about our findings in advance, as there had been some reviews posted on Yelp and other social review sites that were a shade negative, but we didn’t find anything wrong with North Shore Kellogg Cancer Center.

This is a hospital that we will be recommending to our patients for bladder cancer treatment.

As we shared in this earlier post, choosing a cancer center is very important, and takes some leg work, but once you have found a good one, you can be sure that they will take care of you for the entirety of your stay.