Choosing a Cancer Center

There’s just so many options that you can look at when choosing a cancer center. Our focus has always been on Bladder Cancer, but we would like to highlight a few main points or factors to take into account when you are selecting the center where¬†you will get treatment.

  1. Type of care. There’s 4 basic types of care for bladder cancer. Those are:
    1. Chemotherapy
    2. Radiation
    3. Intravesical Therapy (either through Immunotherapy or Chemotherapy)
    4. Surgery

Obviously, the type of procedures you select are completely up to you, as some are very invasive, and some not as much. Basically, you should read up on the different types of procedures and see which one will work best for you, so you know in advance specifically what you are looking for.

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We have also come across many cancer survivors who have travelled internationally to receive treatment for their different types of cancer. Typical forms of American treatment, such as chemotherapy, will simply not work for some people, who might want more of a holistic approach. Just make sure you do the research necessary before you make a long trip overseas. Clearly, this requires much more planning on your part, as the cost is much greater, so be sure you perform your due diligence before this comes to fruition.

Next, choosing a doctor to work with is a very integral part of the process. Some very good resources are available through the American Cancer Society, which you can look up online, but you can really help yourself by calling your nearest local Cancer Center and setting an appointment, as they will have some great resources to help guide you.

We know of several great bladder cancer treatment centers across the US, and are doing our research on what centers overseas are also good, so we will hopefully have more resources shared throughout these blogs.

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